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The LAX sign at the Century Boulevard entrance to Los Angeles International Airport
The LAX control tower and Theme Building

Internet and Wi-Fi at Los Angeles International Airport


Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet Access) is available to passengers at Los Angeles International Airport through T-Mobile HotSpotSM. Wi-Fi gives users high-speed wireless Internet access on laptop computers, personal digital assistants, and other wireless devices that have Internet capabilities.

Passengers, as well as those coming to drop off or greet travelers, now have access to the T-Mobile HotSpot service from virtually any public area in the airports including curbside to the nose of the aircraft. For a fee the T-Mobile service provides travelers the convenience to safely check business and personal e-mail, surf the Web and stay connected through a fast, secure and reliable wireless connection.

The T-Mobile HotSpot service is available to T-Mobile subscribers, roamers and to occasional users on an hourly basis of $6.00 for the first hour and 10 cents per minute thereafter; or with a 24-hour portable DayPass that is available for $9.99, which allows the traveler to use the service at any T-Mobile location, not just at the airport.

T-Mobile HotSpot service provides users with free added security benefit using Wireless Protected Access (WPA) with 802.1X security technology. The T-Mobile HotSpot Connection Manager, available for free download at provides one of the highest degrees of Wi-Fi security commercially available.

T-Mobile HotSpot Locations :

Internet kiosks

Neptune Networks has kiosks with monitors and keyboards in all Terminals The individual high-speed internet stations are available on a pay-for-use basis.

Internet Dataport Access

Internet Dataport Access is available at most public telephones in terminals.

First Class and Business Class Lounges

Internet service, some of which is free, is available in airport lounges for first and business class passengers. Contact your airline for details.